Does blogging makes you to make money online?

Aug 11, 2017 06:18 AM 1 Answers Blogging
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I had found that many people start blogging in their interesting niche, will it help for their career to start an own blog?

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Aug 11, 2017

Things to be done to make money blogging:

  • Set up your blog in a more realistic and professional way.
  • Writing the good quality content which gains a lot of traffic to your blog.
  • In order to visualize your website in the search engines maintain uniqueness and readability to the visitors.
  • In order to the track and get the loyal visitors to the website you need to update the information in all social channels for marketing of the blog.
  • To keep your audience engaged in your website, your content should be connected with your audience.
  • Build a trusted relationship with the audience and sell your products and services on your niche.
  • To make money blogging you need to create and sell the products than creating affiliate links.
  1.  write articles in your blog
  2.  Get approval for google ad sense
  3.  Selling ad space
  4.  Affiliate marketing
  5. Make money using eBooks
  6. Make money using you tube channel
  7. Make money using providing services


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